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8 June 2021 - 10 June 2021
EACP Virtual B2B - Aerospace Applications & Technologies
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Open until 8 June 2021


In order to successfully compete on a global level, it has become crucial for Europe to actively improve its potential in terms of innovation and to collaborate among regions and industry clusters. The European Aerospace Cluster Partnership (EACP) provides a permanent platform for mutual exchange, policy learning, and cooperation to achieve high-level performance among European aerospace clusters. It focuses on the exchange of experiences concerning both cluster policy and the implementation of effective solutions needed to address various challenges faced by the partners. Founded in 2009, the EACP currently consists of a network of 45 aerospace clusters from 18 European countries, thereby covering large parts of the entire aerospace value chain in Europe.

The EACP network operates in an informal, decentralised and flexible way that is based on an organisational set of continuous working groups, temporary project consortia and bi- or multilateral ad-hoc partnerships. The main objective resides in improving the global competitiveness in Europe through intense inter-cluster collaboration. This goal is pursued within three major fields of action:

  • Knowledge exchange:
    • Cluster excellence
    • Funding schemes
    • Role of clusters
  • Push Innovation:
    • Skills & qualification
    • EU projects
    • Connect member clusters
  • Strengthening the EU-Position:
    • Internationalisation
    • Supply chain infrastructure
    • Global competitiveness

By establishing closer inter-cluster relations to provide added value to the overall market and especially SMEs, the EACP shapes the relationship between clusters, industry stakeholders and policy makers. The EACP further stimulates the creation of innovation, thus aiming to strengthen the EU’s overall position within the global aerospace market.

Benefits of being EACP member are:

  • Short-term:
    • B2B matchmaking
    • Participation in EU-Research-Projects
    • Quick and easy partner search
    • Pool of contacts to 45 regions in 18 countries
    • Support for meeting regional actors of your interest
    • Support for questions of industrial locations
  • Long-term:
    • Better design of calls for proposals
    • Funding programmes and procedures closer to reality
    • Closer European aerospace world harmonization of training programmes
    • Flexibility and mobility of workforce
    • Joint delegation trips outside Europe
    • Harmonized schedule of aerospace events

More information about the members you can find here: Members EACP

EACP Contact: Robert Weist; robert.weist@hamburg-aviation.com

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Bulgaria 2
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Estonia 2
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Ireland 4
Israel 1
Italy 27
Kuwait 1
Latvia 1
Lithuania 1
Malta 1
Mexico 9
Netherlands 10
Poland 17
Portugal 15
Romania 3
Russia 2
Slovakia 5
South Africa 1
Spain 82
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Switzerland 2
Turkey 36
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United Kingdom 17
United States 9
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